Getting ready for Wyoming

It was in summer 1978 when I stood on Mount Washburn in Yellowstone National Park for the first time, with my parents and my sister. The image is taken by my father from the top of the mountain.

Mount Washburn

I was absolutely thrilled by the nature, the American style of living and all the places I saw. We spent my full school holidays of six weeks in the US, and Yellowstone was of course only one of the many wonders. Many travels, family connections and even business trips followed, but since almost 20 years now I haven’t travelled this beautiful part of the world.

So for this year we finally made up our mind to visit again, and while preparing the trip I definitely feel the excitement I had as a teenager one more time. This visit we will spend three weeks in Wyoming, both family visit as well as trips to Yellowstone, Wind River country, Big Horn Mountains, Devils Tower. Yellowstone we already had to book our stay as it is very popular of course, but the other places we’ll see what will be possible during our stay.

Some mountain passes are still closed until end of May (Beartooth Highway…), so we will check this out some other time.

To me it is like coming home, I feel a deep connection to the wilderness of the Rockies and a longing for the calmness of the mountain lakes, the badlands and all the awesome views one can come across. And there’s still that 13 year old boy in me who wants to see, know and experience as much as possible in this country.

I will post more thoughts and fotos in the next weeks. Stay tuned 🙂

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