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  • Drone Day 2023

    Saturday May 27, 2023 zenbytes will join again. more details coming up.

  • New track: summer night transforms

    Neuester Track zur wöchentlichen Naviar Haiku music challenge

  • Pfälzer Wald 2020

    Pfälzer Wald 2020

    Eigentlich hätte es in diesem Jahr die Provence (s. Karte rechts) sein sollen, alles war gebucht und der Französisch-Kurs zur Vorbereitung wurde einigermaßen regelmäßig in Anspruch genommen. Nachdem allerdings mehr und mehr klar wurde, dass wir dieses Jahr Ende Mai/Anfang Juni nicht einmal über die Grenze nach Frankreich gelangen würden, wurde kurzfristig umdisponiert – und…

  • Wyoming 2017 – Snowy Range und Saratoga (Tag 15)

    Wyoming 2017 – Snowy Range und Saratoga (Tag 15)

    Up to the mountains and down in the hot springs | Zu den Bergen und heißen Quellen Reisebericht Natur Menschen Reisetipps Fotos Reisebericht/Our trip Now that busy Memorial Day weekend was over and our last week of our stay was near we started another road trip for the next days. With beautiful spring weather we…

  • Wyoming 2017 – Yellowstone National Park (Tag 8)

    Wyoming 2017 – Yellowstone National Park (Tag 8)

    Schnellnavigation/Quick navigation: Reisebericht Natur Menschen Reisetipps Fotos Reisebericht/Our trip On our second day in Yellowstone we went to the Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon. Everytime to and from Mammoth we had to drive through a road construction with at least half an hour delay. So we had time to look at the woods and…

  • Wyoming 2017 – Casper (Tag 1)

    Wyoming 2017 – Casper (Tag 1)

    Today we enjoyed our first day in Casper. We went up to Casper mountain and visited different places (the waterfall, Beartrap Meadow, Crimson Dawn, the Hogadon skiing area). Still some snow on the ground, and even coming from above! So we kept our walks rather short, but we enjoyed it a lot! Then we went…

  • Wyoming 2017 – Anreise

    Wyoming 2017 – Anreise

    Coming to Casper, Wyoming from our home town near Frankfurt is a pretty long trip. We started aroung 8 am in Germany. We took our car to a train station, went by train to Frankfurt Airport and flew to Denver, Colorado. From there a shuttle bus took as few miles to our rental car station…

  • Wyoming – somethin’ about… (II)

    Wyoming – somethin’ about… (II)

    Here’s a summary of our preparations for our Wyoming stay. We’ll be flying in two days and are excited to visit soon! The photo is again taken by my father in 1978. It’s the Excelsior Geyser Runoff in Yellowstone near the Firehole River. Soon I’ll be there to take new photos and remember the times…

  • Radfahrt bei Heigenbrücken

    Radfahrt bei Heigenbrücken

    Last Sunday we made a 20 mile biking tour in a beautiful valley just about 30 minutes drive from our home. We started in a town called Heigenbrücken and drove to Partenstein, and all the way back. The track followed the small Lohr river and the whole valley is a nature reserve, with lots of…

  • Kräuterwanderung Wenighösbach

    Kräuterwanderung Wenighösbach

    Last Saturday a lady offered a hike to the meadows and woods around Wenighösbach and she showed us (we were a group of 8 people) which herbs can be collected for eating and cooking. The weather was very cloudy and cool in the morning, in the late afternoon the sun came out. We finished our…