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  • Wyoming 2017 – Casper und Umgebung (Tag 1)

    Wyoming 2017 – Casper und Umgebung (Tag 1)

    So this was our first day in Wyoming. I have already written about this in a previous post and also added the slide show. However, this time I’m including an improved slide show with the title/description underneath the pictures. It was annoying to have it in the middle of the photos… Also some more details…

  • Biber!


    Some days ago we went to the beautiful valley we had already visited by bike this spring. This time we wanted to hike through the valley to spend more time looking at the scenery. To our surprise this and other valleys nearby is also a home to beavers and we saw their dams and how…

  • Kräuterwanderung Wenighösbach

    Kräuterwanderung Wenighösbach

    Last Saturday a lady offered a hike to the meadows and woods around Wenighösbach and she showed us (we were a group of 8 people) which herbs can be collected for eating and cooking. The weather was very cloudy and cool in the morning, in the late afternoon the sun came out. We finished our…

  • A walk in the Spessart

    A walk in the Spessart

    Today was a beautiful sunday, mostly sunny but still rather fresh and windy. We made a walk to Johannesberg, just 10 minutes by car from us, and hiked down to Reichenbach (and back up, of course…). I took my new camera and I’m really happy with the results. Here are some of the fotos. ,