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  • Wyoming 2017 – Yellowstone National Park (Tag 7)

    Wyoming 2017 – Yellowstone National Park (Tag 7)

    Today we entered Yellowstone from the East Entrance. Do you know the feeling when you’ve waited for something a seemingly endless time and all of a sudden, it’s there? And the day was full of impressions, with blue skies, snow and ice, the lake, geysers and fumaroles, waterfalls, bison and elk… Still some roads closed […]

  • Wyoming 2017 – Fahrt zum Yellowstone – Links und rechts der Straße

    Wyoming 2017 – Fahrt zum Yellowstone – Links und rechts der Straße

    Here’s just a short entry with some additional information about our route to Yellowstone. While preparing the infos for my blog I found some remarkable places along our road we didn’t see or even know about. So there’s more for us and everyone to see on this trip and I’d like to share it here. […]

  • Wyoming 2017 – Die Fahrt zum Yellowstone (Tag 6)

    Wyoming 2017 – Die Fahrt zum Yellowstone (Tag 6)

    (for those too lazy to read – pictures further down! Wer sich nicht durch den Text wühlen möchte, Fotos ganz unten!) Today we started out for our first road trip. Heading north-west we planned to spend some days in and around Yellowstone National Park. This day we drove up to Pahaska Teepee where we spent […]

  • Wyoming 2017 – Karten und Straßen

    Wyoming 2017 – Karten und Straßen

    When telling about our trip I’m sometimes asked where Wyoming is located in the US and where we stayed. So here are some maps and infos, also our route to Bear Lodge Tower on our fourth day. Wyoming gehört jetzt nicht zu den bekanntesten Bundesstaaten der USA, und ich bekomme öfter die Frage wo dieser […]

  • Wyoming 2017 – Bear Lodge Tower (Tag 4)

    Wyoming 2017 – Bear Lodge Tower (Tag 4)

    Today we made our first day trip, we went to the north-eastern part of Wyoming. Starting in Casper we passed by the infamous Teapot Dome Oil Field and the Salt Creek Oil Field nearby. Signs of oil production followed us many miles along the beautiful prairie until we reached the coal mines near Gillette. Heading […]

  • Wyoming 2017 – Ankunft und Fahrt nach Casper

    My plans about writing in this blog during our three weeks travel through Wyoming changed somewhat – we were on the road a lot, and the other days we visited family and friends, and our days were pretty full. So I’m going to start again with the day of our arrival and tell about our […]

  • Wyoming – somethin’ about… (II)

    Wyoming – somethin’ about… (II)

    Here’s a summary of our preparations for our Wyoming stay. We’ll be flying in two days and are excited to visit soon! The photo is again taken by my father in 1978. It’s the Excelsior Geyser Runoff in Yellowstone near the Firehole River. Soon I’ll be there to take new photos and remember the times […]

  • Biber!


    Some days ago we went to the beautiful valley we had already visited by bike this spring. This time we wanted to hike through the valley to spend more time looking at the scenery. To our surprise this and other valleys nearby is also a home to beavers and we saw their dams and how […]

  • Radfahrt bei Heigenbrücken

    Radfahrt bei Heigenbrücken

    Last Sunday we made a 20 mile biking tour in a beautiful valley just about 30 minutes drive from our home. We started in a town called Heigenbrücken and drove to Partenstein, and all the way back. The track followed the small Lohr river and the whole valley is a nature reserve, with lots of […]

  • Kräuterwanderung Wenighösbach

    Kräuterwanderung Wenighösbach

    Last Saturday a lady offered a hike to the meadows and woods around Wenighösbach and she showed us (we were a group of 8 people) which herbs can be collected for eating and cooking. The weather was very cloudy and cool in the morning, in the late afternoon the sun came out. We finished our […]